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Program in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

While the term Digital marketing covers a wide range of marketing activities, this course deals with types of digital marketing & important terminologies, web advertising and fundamental components, Google Adword & account setup, search engines and marketing, SEM in modern business, display advertising, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, Social media strategy, Google Analytics etc.


Best Training Institute for Digital Marketing in Pune

Duration - 3 Months


Program in Digital Marketing includes:


  1. Increase & Visualization Skills

  2. Learn from Google Certified Professionals

  3. Learn complete digital marketing pipeline

  4. Placement support

  5. Along with ZICA Certification, you can apply for multiple other certification from 

  6. Google, Facebook, Hubspot, LinkedIn


At the end of the program, the student can be part of any existing strong digital marketing team or individually work comfortably with deep domain understanding of digital marketing, social media and brand management.


  • Weekday batches: 5 days a week        (2 hours per day)

  • Practical session backed by theory explanation

  • Practical assignment and Project-based learning

  • Industry-aligned creative and technical programs

  • Master classes by industry professionals

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